Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Matthew 10

Key Verse: Matthew 10:31
Before beginning any job, it is important to make sure you have the right tools. A chef lines out the ingredients before he begins cooking and an artist makes sure she has the appropriate brushes and colors before starting on her canvas. If we were going to launch a military invasion, we would probably want guns, tanks and airplanes. But what are the tools that we need to carry out Christ’s great commission? In Matthew 10, Jesus tells us.

He told the disciples (Matthew 10:7-11) not to worry about money, special clothing or even extra shoes, but to simply carry their message with them: repent, because the Kingdom of Heaven is arriving. How would they eat and where would they stay? Jesus told them that in each town they went to, they should look for someone to receive them. No reservations, no sense of security – just faith.

Jesus warned that they could be certain of persecution, but that there was no reason to prepare a defense speech in advance. In the very moment of the trial, the Holy Spirit would speak through them (10:18-21). The tools that we need to carry out the job that God has given us are his Spirit and His Word: everything else is an optional accessory.

Older Kids: Jesus predicted that parents and children would turn each other over to be executed for following Jesus. Take a minute to let older kids think about how even if they could not serve Jesus with their own family, He would be all they need. It is certainly easier for them, with you faithfully doing things like prayer and Bible reading with them!

How can we step out on faith, to believe that Jesus is the only tool we need in our hands? Jesus’ analogy is powerful. The tiniest bird does not fall to the ground without God allowing it. If God loves us enough that He knows how many hairs are on our head, won’t He watch over us even more carefully than the sparrows?

Discussion Idea: What are some things we might think we need to follow Jesus’ instructions for us? How can God provide those things for us as we go?
Prayer focus: Pray that we will recognize that God has already given us everything we need, so we can lay our excuses aside and obey Him in faith.

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