Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Matthew 6

Key Verse: Matthew 6:1

Big Idea: The rewards of following Jesus are seen by faith.

When little babies play peek-a-boo, their brains do not understand that you still exist, even when they cannot see you. They get anxious when they are alone and are surprised and delighted when you remove a teddy bear that was blocking your face. Even though we grow out of this exteme form, we spend our whole lives tied to what we can see.

Sometimes, people do something kind (like give money to the poor), only so they can tell other people about it. They want the likes and the retweets as a kind of instant reward for their good behavior. Jesus told His disciples that if this is the reward they want, it is the only reward they will have; they should not expect God to reward them for those corrupt motivations. They  have their reward already.

Older kids: Point out Matthew 6:19-20. What is the long term fate of their most prized possessions on earth?

Jesus invites His disciples to spend their lives on something they cannot see, laying up for themselves treasures in Heaven, instead of on Earth. If we are going to follow Jesus, we will need a motivation that only faith can provide. He is good and true, even when we cannot trace out how He is accomplishing His will.

Discussion idea: Imagine the disciples talking the morning after Jesus died. They gave up and thought all was lost, because they could not see with the eyes of faith. How can we practice seeing with faith, and what keeps us from doing so?

Prayer focus: Pray for God to open our eyes to the reality that the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are unseen are forever.

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