Thursday, April 9, 2020

Luke 24

Key Verse: Luke 24:27
Big Idea: The Son of Man fulfilled the whole Bible when He conquered death.

Christianity, unlike most religions, tells a story. The story has a distinct beginning: God created the world perfect and gave it to humanity to govern and enjoy. It has a crisis: mankind chose to reject God, breaking our relationship with each other and with our Creator and spiraling the world into pain and death. Then there is a climax: the power of sin broken once and for all by the Creator becoming a human, to endure the punishment for our sin and rise from the dead to serve as the bridge back home. Finally, there is the resolution: the risen Savior returns from Heaven to restore the paradise He had always intended.

Like the first time you watch a sophisticated movie, there are undercurrents you do not notice. But when you see them, it becomes clear that the whole story was working together. After Jesus rose on Sunday, He walked with some of the disciples and told them the story, with Himself at the center. Everything in the Old Testament had been building to this moment, and now all that was left was their response. It is true for us too. Our whole lives lead up to and flow out of our relationship with Jesus.

Discussion idea: What is your favorite Bible story? How does it point forward to Jesus?
Prayer focus: Many in our world are grieving the loss of loved ones and trapped by fear of who else might be lost. Pray for the comfort that online Jesus' life can provide. If you know someone grieving, mention them by name, and pray they will see that Jesus is still the climax of the story.

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