Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Mark 13

 Key verse: Mark 13:25

Big idea: Every eye will see the Son of God. 

Sometimes, in a conversation about faith, someone will say something like: "That's good for you, but no one can really ever know for sure. It is just about what you choose to believe." They believe that Christianity is subjective and might work for you but not for someone else. But Mark 13, describing Christ's return (theologians call it parousia - the Greek word for "appearing"), does not talk about a private emotional experience. It talks about the day when faith ends and gives way to sight. On that day, there will be no more wondering about what is true. There will be no more room for debate. Every eye will see Him as He comes in the clouds with power and glory. 

This is an important philosophical point, I think. If Christianity is true, it is not a private thing that can be true for me only. If it is true only personally, then it is false! Christianity claims that there will be a final, public declaration as the final event of history as we know it, after which everything will be radically different. Either that will really happen or not. Of course, when that moment comes, it will be too late for those who have joined the rebellion against the Lord!

But this is not the first time that Christianity is made public. The first time that Jesus came, the world was also faced with a brute historical fact. Either Jesus' tomb was empty on the third day or it was not. If there is a body of Jesus somewhere in the world, then Christianity is false. But if Jesus rose again, it validates everything He claimed. Although His resurrection was not seen by the whole world, it was witnessed by hundreds. There is sufficient evidence for people now to trust if the will, but there is coming a day where God will remove all doubt. We will all see Him but what will He see when He looks at us? Will He find faith?

Discussion idea: Why does Jesus regularly emphasize the public nature of His second coming? 

Prayer focus: Ask God to help you live your faith publicly today.

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