Monday, October 12, 2020

Mark 16

 Key verse: Mark 16:7

Big idea: The Son of God is faithful to His Word, even when we do not understand.

Mark 16, the triumphant conclusion to the gospel, begins with the women going to the tomb, expecting a corpse and finding an angel. This heavenly messenger told them not to be afraid because, "he is risen, he is not here!" But it is a part of the next verse that stands out the most to me. They are to carry a message to the apostles, and Peter in particular. Go to Galilee and "there ye shall see him as he said unto you." There seems to be a gentle rebuke implied by this. If they had heard what He said in Mark 14:28, they would have been at the tomb with bated breath, waiting for death to be broken. They would have already called the La Quinta in Galilee and made arrangements for their reunion with their Master! But they did not hear. Peter in particular is singled out because He was too busy claiming he would never deny Jesus to find out what would come next. 

Yet God was still faithful to His Word. He did what He said He would do even if no one believed Him or even understood Him. What an encouraging truth! God's faithfulness does not depend on my faith. The outcome is not determined by my intellect. He is solid although I am shifting. The same Jesus who could be trusted to keep His word even if death intervened is that same Jesus that overwhelms our weakness. When we are weak, He is strong. 

Discussion idea: Why did Jesus tell them that He would go before them into Galilee even though He knew they would not believe? Have you ever had a similar experience, where you learned something you would only apply later?

Prayer focus: Praise God for His faithfulness, despite our weakness. 

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